The Amazon MP3 application that came with my phone (that I never actually use) is demanding that I install a new version that can read all my log files and tell Amazon exactly what other things I've been doing on the phone. The Google Market application is insisting on telling me about this exciting new update daily, with no way of telling it "no, I don't want you to ever update this application". And because the application is one of the ones that Verizon helpfully preinstalled for me, I have no easy way of getting it off the phone altogether and no reason to expect that the next time they roll out an OS update they won't bundle with it the new more invasive version.

Amazon, Google, and Verizon, why? You're all companies that I do business with and would like to be happy with, but instead you insist on irritating me. Is that what the marketing people are telling you wins customer loyalty these days?



I choose my phone based on how easy it is to root it, and the first thing I do is uninstall the crapware and the network/manufacturer rootkits. Terribly sad state of affairs nowadays.