I am David Eppstein, a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine, and an administrator on the English-language Wikipedia. See my home page at UC Irvine or my Wikipedia user page for more. This is my personal blog, and although it may contain material related to my UCI teaching and research it is not sponsored by and does not represent the views of the university (nor Wikipedia).

This journal's name comes from interpreting my initials as the hexadecimal number 0xDE (decimal 222) and then converting the result to binary. It was originally located at 11011110.livejournal.com and moved to GitHub Pages (with some minor reformatting of old posts) in April 2017.

For comments on recent posts, see the linked entries on my Mastodon account. I also post links to other web pages there, with roundups of those links approximately twice monthly here.

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