Three new ten-minute research talk videos by me are now up on YouTube as part of the collection of videos to be presented in the 2020 Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry. The pdf conference program has links to all the videos. The conference includes an opportunity to interact with the speakers online, on the August 5–7 dates of the actual conference, with free registration at the CCCG web site.

My three videos are on dynamic products of ranks, discussed in my previous post, polyhedra that are difficult to unfold, and mathematics inspired by the sona drawings of southwest Africa. For your convenience here they are more directly:




(Apologies for the weird aspect ratio. I should probably aim for a more standard 16x9 format in future.)

I also have a fourth CCCG paper, on unfolding orthogonal polyhedra, with a video produced by Joe O’Rourke. I posted about its preprint version, “Some polycubes have no edge-unzipping”, a year ago. Here’s Joe’s talk: