Here’s one more batch of photos of art from Japan before my last catch-all batch of pictures. It’s from an exhibit shared between two museums: “Sunshower: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia”, at the National Art Center and Mori Museum. The Mori was especially fun because it is on around the 50th floor of a tall building on a hill, and you can get combined tickets to the Tokyo City View observation area, from which you can see much of the city. Unfortunately, while clear enough to see, the weather wasn’t nice enough to make photography of the view particularly interesting.

Anyway, the title of the exhibit is pretty self-explanatory: it’s a collection of contemporary art from all over southeast Asia. The exhibit continues through late October and is worth seeing if you’re a fan of contemporary art or have any interest in the politics of that part of the world. The piece below is by Thai artist Surasi Kusolwong, who filled a large room about a meter deep with balls of colored yarn and then (perhaps as a statement, perhaps to encourage visitors to stay and interact with the yarn) hid ten gold necklaces somewhere in the yarn. If you find a necklace, you get to keep it.

Surasi Kusolwong, Golden Ghost (Reality Called, So I Woke Up), 2014, in the Sunshower exhibit at the Mori Museum, Tokyo