I just finished uploading five new sets of photos:

  • Mathematical sculpture at Trinity College Dublin. Or sort-of mathematical: the artist may have intended one of these sculptures to model DNA, but to a topologist it looks like a torus link. Apparently every year the Hamilton Workshop on Geometry and Topology uses one of these as a logo, but they're running out: soon they'll have to go with the kitschy sculpture of a buxom Molly Malone outside the college gate.

  • Dublin. Or the parts of it that I saw outside of Trinity and Guinness. With my usual complement of graffiti.

  • The Guinness Storehouse. Supposedly Ireland's biggest tourist attraction. I didn't take many photos inside, although I found the tour quite interesting; most of the photos are of the 360-degree view of the Guinness brewery that one gets from the bar at the top of the tour.

  • Chicago. The weather was not really conducive to photography but I took a couple of shots anyway.

  • Graph Drawing 2009. If you didn't go, now's your chance to see what you missed. If you did go, you can see how many photos you and your friends are in. I hope none of the ones I kept are too embarrassing or unflattering. ETA: The GD09 web site now also links to another set of photos by Pranava Jha.



ext_136341: random'2009-09-30T12:36:34Z'The sphere apparently has a sister in Italy. (The sister of my wife saw it and I can ask which city if you want.) Makes me wonder if there are more around the globe. The bridge is 5--10 minutes from my place.
11011110: Re: random'2009-09-30T14:31:24Z'Someone at the conference told me there's also another sphere like that in Berkeley. According to the Wikipedia article on the artist, they are also at the Vatican, Washington D.C., New York, Tehran, and San Francisco.
ext_136341: '2009-09-30T12:49:29Z'Also, I believe quite a few people here (http://cliquecluster.org/, "here"="my building") would have liked to chat with you.
11011110: '2009-09-30T14:27:56Z'Sorry to have missed you, then. I'll have to find some excuse to come back to Dublin sometime, I guess. It was a pleasant place to visit.
ashwinne: '2009-10-01T01:58:40Z'Thanks for sharing! The Dublin graffiti photos are fantastic. And it is always a pleasure to see good photos from conferences :-)
11011110: '2009-10-01T04:01:52Z'You're welcome!