The list of SODA acceptances is out. Sadly, again, it doesn't include abstracts, but they're promised to come later. Now with abstracts! I have one paper there; I'll post more about it when I've had a chance to respond to the feedback from the reviews and prepare a preprint version.

It's hard to tell just from the titles, but I have the vague impression that there's rather less computational geometry than I'm used to seeing at past SODAs.

One very important change (perhaps a consequence of going to electronic proceedings?): “your conference paper can be up to twenty (20) pages”!!

ETA: See also 3d pancakes, algorithmic games, kd-PhD, 3d pancakes again, biased coin, polylogblog, geomblog, motocicleta


This might be a good time to remind people that LATIN 2010 is taking submissions.
Ok, thanks for the reminder. For those too lazy to copy-and-paste the URL, it is here (livejournal doesn't allow anonymous comments to include links).