I see the ACM elections are coming up: there's a slate of candidates here including candidates for SIGACT chair and member-at-large.

I imagine candidate statements will be available shortly but I don't see them yet.

The two SIGACT chair candidates are Lance Fortnow and Madhu Sudan. I don't have a strong opinion about Madhu, but I am more conflicted about Lance: I think the complexity blog he's been running has been a great thing for the community, and I don't begrudge him his opinions and tastes, but on the other hand I'm unhappy about the possibility of being represented by someone who has been so open about his disinterest in algorithms research.


None: Election

I think Lance vs. Madhu is a win-win situation. You are over-interpreting Lance's post. He's just saying that he personally does not get quite as excited about algorithms talks as about complexity talks. That's a far cry from having some anti-algorithms agenda. (My personal view is that the two areas are really one area from slightly different viewpoints.) Lance has actually done a fair bit of algorithmic work on stream algorithms and computational economics.