On the off chance that anyone notices fano.ics.uci.edu being down: it had a little problem of not being able to boot up this afternoon and I resorted to booting from CD and trying a clean install. I hope I can bring it back up soon but I'm not sure I'll have any time to work on it tomorrow, so it may not be until Wednesday. If the reinstall works. If it doesn't, it could be longer.

I suppose I should do something about the bibliographic data served there being out of date, too, but at this point it will take actual programming effort on my part to make that happen (the server software wants the data in a format I've stopped using) so that will be even more slow.

ETA: The clean reinstall worked well. As did restoring my files from Time Machine, recovering everything but the half-dozen iTunes songs I'd added minutes before the crash. And even those are still recoverable from the USB key I used to put them on Fano, or if that fails by pulling them back off the iPod. Let this be a reminder to you all: do your backups!