Has anyone else been seeing anonymous comments that look human-written and on-topic if somewhat innocuous, but have a strange "feeder site" link at the bottom that leads somewhere completely impersonal, irrelevant, and commercial looking? I have two here and here. They're not going to get any kind of Google pagerank boost that way because LJ doesn't let mice link, but the URL is still visible. I'm wondering if I should screen or delete them as spam.

ETA 8/29: Another one on my UH BBQ photos, very similar to the other two. No acknowledgement of the suspicions I raised here. Time to screen them all. If anyone is still curious I can email the text but I think they really are just high-grade spam.


Hmm. I posted on the plagurism one and it vanished. Maybe I had a virus or something. Or, maybe I forgot to post something.
No, your comment's still there, I just linked directly to the other one. If you click on "read comments" you'll see it. Re the actual content of your comment: I'm not sure it really is necessary to cite a source that one uses only as a way to find another more primary source; at most failing to do so would be a breach of etiquette rather than actual plagiarism. But I think it's interesting to find out how other bloggers learned their stories, and to follow their links and read the other comments there, so turnabout...
Given what they advertise in those feeder sites, I would definitely delete them. :-) OTOH, the postings themselves look like generated by a very good AI. Or by a slightly high human being.
I can't tell what they're advertising; I just see pages of boring looking links. Is Camino blocking some objectionable popups or malware that others would see? I did find some articles on the web explaining how to use "feeder sites" to funnel people towards adult content, so maybe that's what this is?
In the future, cutting edge advances in AI are going to come from spammers. How exciting!
I suppose that's not dissimilar from William Gibson's prediction that future AI advances would come from the entertainment industry. (Or maybe that's already happened?)
yeah... consider the rendering of human expressions by CAD... i'm not sure but i think all the major research or experience basically came from animation studios. Likewise, i think the gaming industry are creating far more knowledge about AI than from Acedemia. (not to mention computer graphics)
I think they already might. :) They just don't bother publishing ;)
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogspam - it hits LJ once in a while, but it's far more common on Wordpress/MT/etc sites.
Oh, I've been spammed before, usually on the posts with the word "spam" in them somewhere (I'm waiting for that to happen with this post), but it interested me that this was so much harder to detect as spam than usual.
there are also massive bots that spam by creating accounts with random contents on a subject, gathered from the web. For example, if you go to blogsearch.google.com, and say search for "curve" the sort by date, you'll come up with lots of blogs that are basically collage of excerpts from other sites containing the word "curve". Though, often there's no link to other commercial site nor ads... I don't know exactly what's going on...
I believe they are using blog comment spam to get people curious about their sites to get non-comment links. Once they have a suffiently large supply, they will go completely advertisement based, giving them a fairly handy ranking on the search engines. Their rank likely won't degrade significantly over time (until the search engines classify them into spam), because the non-comment blog links are generally forgotten by the posters and not re-visited.