Recently my son decided he didn't like the underwater theme of the art in his room, and wanted something more jungly, so we decided to hire our friend Katrinka Haynes to paint a jungle mural on one of the walls. It all ended up happening quickly, because she had to make time to prepare for her day job as a schoolteacher, and ended up being something of a team effort: Diana painted the background color and filled in the trees, I sponged on leaves and vines, Katrinka did the hard part of designing the mural and painting the animals (yes, we know that tree boas, jaguars, and lemurs don't belong in the same jungles as each other), and Timothy glued some frogs and lizards onto the wall once the paint was dry. Anyway, photos here.

Jungle mural: snake Jungle mural: lemur Jungle mural: jaguar

I also added a few more to my gallery of kitten photos and uploaded my favorite of the new ones to Flickr.


None: fantasic mural!

I think those murals are fantastic. I have done murals in the past too. I 've done murals on school walls and found it very exciting and fun. As of the moment, I plan to work on our room but my hubby seems unsure about the whole idea.