It seems that I need a reminder, every few years, that spending five hours out of doors on an overcast day without sunscreen is a bad idea. Yesterday was that day.

Much of the outdoor time was spent at International Day, an event where all the local girl scout troops choose different countries, parade in costumes supposedly representative of that country (although how pink go-go girl costumes represent England escapes me), and then sell tastes of food from that culture for a dime apiece from decorated booths (my favorite: the Canadian Nanaimo bars). Our troop got Australia, conveniently for Sophie who is going to spend the next year there while her parents go on sabbatical. Our vegemite toast proved much more popular than I expected, as I'd never before seen an American kid willingly eating the stuff though I like it myself.

Besides sampling the food, I spent most of my time there taking lots of photos of cute girls in costumes. Below are some of them; there are many more in the full gallery.

Eve Sweden Tasseled hat
Unknown Another island girl Mexico