I'm trying Thunderbird as my new email client — previously I'd been using Mulberry, as Apple Mail couldn't cope with the huge number of folders on my imap server, and previous OS X versions of Thunderbird I'd tried some time ago had difficulties running at all. But Mulberry's maker has gone out of business, I had an old unsupported version, and it was very slow to open. So far I like what I see from T-bird. It's fast, it looks good, the price is right, and it seems to work pretty well. Unless I run into some serious problem, I doubt I'm going back.


"the price is right " ? you definitely get what you pay for with Thunderbird. On windows it crashes far too often for my liking: hopefully the mac is better. I find one thing annoying though: you can't use arbitrary labels on messages.
It wedged a couple of times for me when I first started, trying to copy outgoing messages to imap mailboxes (I think my account settings weren't right and it didn't have a good way of recovering from the failure) but seems to be better now. Besides, what alternative is there? Anyway, I tend to classify messages by putting them into mailboxes (hence my huge number of folders) rather than by labeling them.
well for alternatives, I guess PC-Pine, but i admit it's not the greatest.
I've used a unix pine, and it worked, but it had a text-only user interface that I didn't like very much.
On windows it crashes far too often for my liking Mysterious. I've been using TB for over a year on both Windows and Linux, and it hasn't crashed on me, ever.
I've used TB on and off myself and have also not had it crash on me. My biggest gripe is that you can't sort by order on disk (after downloading the email from POP mailboxes), only by the headers.
My biggest gripe is that you can't sort by order on disk (after downloading the email from POP mailboxes) That's not a problem for me — I leave the mail on the IMAP server, and it allows sorting by disk order just fine in that case. The biggest thing I'm find lacking so far is the ability to redirect outgoing messages into the currently open folder, instead of always putting them into Sent — I'm continually having to switch to Sent so I can file the messages where I want them. But I'm really liking the address book autocompletion. That was something I didn't see in the program I was using before.
Indeed, sent message relocation is a must. This brings me back to a conversation I recently had with a friend; I need to get around to writing my own email client (though not for a couple years).
Does anyone know if google is planning to give a way an email client? I like the way gmail organize messages Or, is there anyway to use gmail as a client for some other email account?
I could have sworn that you could use gmail to fetch messages...but that (apparently) only seems to be offered at yahoo and hotmail. Strange.
Apparently you can use other email clients to download from gmail via POP, you can configure gmail to allow multiple outgoing addresses instead of your gmail one, and you can forward your gmail elsewhere, but I don't see an option for getting gmail to automatically download mail from elsewhere or use its interface for another account. I guess if you wanted that effect you could forward your other mail to a gmail account, though.
i've been having lots of problems getting gmail to work in thunderbird. my settings seem to all be correct; i don't know what to say. it's kind of frustrating, because i like how it handles my imap, and i'd like to have all my accounts coming into one place. sigh. and i'm using the mac version.
I wouldn't know about that; I have a gmail account, but one I want to keep separate from my usual email, so I use their web interface.