While preparing for my next performance review, I discovered three more journal papers that had recently appeared. Or maybe not so recently: one was in 2004. Why don't people tell me these things?

They are:

  • D. Eppstein and J. Wang. Fast approximation of centrality. J. Graph Algorithms & Applications 8(1):27-38, 2004.
  • E. Demaine, M. Demaine, D. Eppstein, G. Frederickson, and E. Friedman. Hinged dissections of polyominos and polyforms. Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications 31(3):237-262, 2005 (special issue for 11th CCCG).
  • D. Eppstein and T. Givargis. Memory reference caching for activity reduction on address buses. J. Microprocessors & Microsystems 29(4):145-153, 2005. Tony's link to an online version of this seems to be broken, but the conference version is here.

I think this is my cue that I need to put more stuff into the other end of the journal publication pipeline. I have a bunch of conference papers that I've been too lazy to journalize...


None: "Lazy"?
Ha ha ha. Pull the other one. :-)