Over the past year or so I’ve been working with Marc van Kreveld and Wolfgang Mulzer to set up a new diamond open access computational geometry journal, Computing in Geometry and Topology, sponsored by the Society for Computational Geometry, the organization set up to run the annual Symposium on Computational Geometry. It is the second such journal to be established, after the Journal of Computational Geometry. This week the new journal went live and it is now available for submissions. Below is the official announcement we sent out to several mailing lists:

Dear all,

As of this week, the new diamond open access journal

Computing in Geometry and Topology

is welcoming submissions. The website of the journal is https://www.cgt-journal.org/index.php/cgt

Here you can also find the editorial board, the submission guidelines, the scope, and a style file.

If you have any questions about the journal, please send them to info@cgt-journal.org

Best regards, David Eppstein, Marc van Kreveld, and Wolfgang Mulzer

Purpose and scope

Computing in Geometry and Topology aims to support the broader computational geometry and topology community by being a peer-reviewed scientific journal that provides diamond open access. Computing in Geometry and Topology is sponsored by the Society for Computational Geometry.

With the broader computational geometry and topology community, we include researchers in discrete and combinatorial geometry, and any application area of computational geometry and topology. We also include algorithm engineering for geometric computations.

The journal publishes two types of papers. Firstly, the journal publishes original research of sufficient depth and interest. Secondly, the journal publishes high-quality survey papers. Every paper has been thoroughly reviewed by experts in the area.

To emphasize the breadth of the interpretation of computational geometry and topology, the editorial board has different sections that represent the algorithmic and mathematical aspects, the applied aspects, and the engineering aspects.


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