It’s International Women’s Day, and The Aperiodical has a new piece up on “Books about Maths by Women”. One of my own projects for the last few weeks has been to create Wikipedia articles on noteworthy mathematics books, and so far roughly half of the creations have included at least one woman among their authors. They are (alphabetical by title):

There are many more I could include, but haven’t yet (including most of the Aperiodical list). Many of these books are award-winners, but to a large extent inclusion in this list is driven by my personal taste in books, so many of these are somewhat specialized rather than being general-audience books. But the main criterion for inclusion on Wikipedia is that everything must have multiple in-depth sources, and everything in the article must come from those sources. For books those sources are not the book itself, but (typically) published book reviews. The bare minimum is two reviews, but I’ve been aiming for books with at least four. So for instance I would have liked to include Geometry: The Line and the Circle (2019), by Maureen T. Carroll and Elyn Rykken, but I could find only one review of it, and that’s not enough. To all the book reviewers out there: your efforts are appreciated, and helpful.

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