Ok, the last batch of photos from my recent trip, the ones from Malmö, is now up. Or actually the last two batches are now up, because I took so many photos of Eva Hild’s Rubato (2015) that I put them into a separate batch from the other Malmö photos.

Rubato (Eva Hild, 2015)

I think it’s a minimal surface, but it’s hard to tell for sure; I don’t know of a good visual way to check whether the mean curvature is zero. It was originally painted flat white, but by now the surface has developed interesting contour lines from rain and dust, visible in some of the closer-up shots.

Rubato (Eva Hild, 2015)

The part of Malmö that I spent most of my time in is a recently-rebuilt former docklands, modern in architecture, with plenty more abstract art. Here’s one piece (Passage, Maha Mustafa, 2016) framing the Niagara Building of the University of Malmö, where the SWAT conference was held.

Niagara Building of the University of Malmö as seen through _Passage_ (Maha Mustafa, 2016)

Sadly, I never did find any of the tiny mouse shops.