• AI researchers shun Nature Machine Intelligence. Apparently it’s not a good time to launch a closed journal in a field where “virtually all of the major outlets make no charge for access to or publication of papers”.

  • Why I won’t be using Adobe Scan (G+). As Martin Brinkmann writes, “I won’t use an application that forces registration and cloud saving on me.” Well, I kind of do with my email, but the fewer other corporations that I give copies of my scanned documents the better.

  • Why I write about women on Wikipedia. Editor SusunW discusses her motivation for contributing to women’s biographies on Wikipedia.

  • The Golomb graph (G+, more G+ comments). It’s mostly famous as a (nonplanarly-drawn) unit distance graph, but it’s also polyhedral. In the G+ comments, I challenge my readers to find drawings of it as a convex polyhedron. My favorite is Greg Egan’s rotating version using only equilateral and isosceles triangles and regular pentagons (below), but Refurio Anachro’s almost-convex unit distance representation of the dual (a tetrahedron glued onto a triangular cupola) is also nice.

Greg Egan's visualization of the Golomb graph as a polyhedron with equilateral and isosceles triangles and regular pentagons as its faces