A couple of weekends ago I returned to Mendocino for a surprise 80th birthday party for my father. There’s now nonstop service from Orange County to Santa Rosa that makes this sort of short trip much more convenient: it’s only two more hours driving from there rather than four from any other airport we could reach.

Anyway, while there, we took a hike along the Fern Creek trail of Russian Gulch State Park, to the waterfall at the end of the trail. My photos from the hike are mostly studies of the green spring textures of the area. There is one of the actual waterfall, but because I packed light for the trip I didn’t have a wide enough lens to take it all in at once. Here’s a photo of a patch of forget-me-nots and horsetails by the side of the trail:

Forget-me-nots and horsetails on the Fern Creek Trail, Russian Gulch State Park, California

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