Most or all of the following seem destined to be gone, in the US and (for some) the world:

  • Climate change countermeasures and continued research.

  • A coordinated response to extreme climate events.

  • Regulation of carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

  • National parks and wildlife preserves.

  • Guaranteed health care.

  • State-level limits on how predatory the health care industry can be.

  • A recovering economy and continuing tech boom.

  • Internet neutrality.

  • The minimum wage.

  • Social security and medicare.

  • The Supreme Court.

  • Abortion rights and access to contraception.

  • Anti-discrimination laws and same-sex marriage.

  • The truth defense from libel.

  • No wholesale legal persecution of opposition parties.

  • Restrictions on gun ownership.

  • Religious freedom for anyone other than Christians.

  • Limits on how blatantly Christianity can be used as an excuse for bigotry.

  • Redistricting rules that prevent continued gerrymandering.

  • Anything resembling adequate polling places in poor and minority districts.

  • Universal voter registration.

  • Pressure to reduce sexual harassment and sexual assaults in our universities, or anywhere else.

  • Reduced or free college tuition for anyone.

  • Any hope of reining in the out-of-control racists in our police forces.

  • Farm workers, housecleaners, construction workers, food service workers, and all those other people who do the things nobody else wants to do.

  • The ability to bring in talented students and workers from other countries.

  • NATO and the free Baltic states.

  • Nuclear non-proliferation.

  • A president who wouldn't start a nuclear war based on a whim or personal slight.

Clinton could still pull this out, mathematically, but barring a miraculous turnaround in Wisconsin or Arizona there doesn't seem to be any remaining path to 270 electoral votes. And with the House and Senate in Republican hands and a free slot on the court there are no checks and balances left; the voters were the last line of defense.

Anyone in a nice safe part of the world looking for academic computer scientists? Canada? Iceland? New Zealand?



That's quite a list. Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome to Iceland, David.

None: "free Baltic states"

Eppstein, these free baltic states are the direct heirs of those who butchered the lithuanian, the latvian, and the estonian jews in concentration camps and in forests during 1941-1945. Maybe you don't care, but I do.

And no one threatens their "freedom" (they are about as "free" from US administration as the US state you are currently living in). You don't really believe your own bullshit about Russiam, do you?


I am sure NZ would take you. I would even answer your emails.

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