My daughter is doing a summer internship at the visual arts competition of the Orange County Fair: she helped bring in the submitted pictures, hung them, and assisted the judges, and now while the fair is on she gets to stand around telling people not to bring drinks into the exhibit. All very educational...

Anyway, this weekend we went to the fair ourselves, had Sara show us her favorite photos in the exhibit (as a staff member she got to assign three staff award ribbons to the entries), visited the ice sculptures, tasted some of the wines (my favorite: the Gold Hill 2011 El Dorado Zinfandel), ate greasy food on a stick (we did not try the deep-fried koolaid nor the caviar-encrusted twinkies), watched the pig races, etc. And of course, took plenty of photos.

The one below is of the stiltwalking leader of a steampunk band that passed us at one point during our visit:

Steampunk stilt-walker at the Orange County Fair

( The rest of the photos )