In the unlikely event that anyone wondered why I didn't post anything either here or over on my Google+ account for the last few days, it's because I unexpectedly found myself incommunicado, visiting relatives for Christmas. Here are two of them, my cousin's daughters.

Zoya and Jessa

It's normal for there to be no cell phone service at my parents' house in Mendocino. Cell phones finally reached downtown Mendocino a couple of years ago over the objections of some protesters who were terrified of being exposed to any form of electromagnetic radiation, but there's a hill between downtown and the house that blocks the signal. There would normally be landline phone service there, but the lines got flooded in the big storm a couple of weeks ago and AT&T hasn't succeeded in drying them out yet. And my parents also have cable internet, but for some other reason that went down too. So we had to resort to old-fashioned behavior like reading books or actually interacting with each other instead of all being absorbed in our own separate electronic devices the way we otherwise would likely have been.



The cable internet connection was functional during your stay. The wireless access point died and a new one will be up for your next visit.


I used to carry around a wireless access point of my own for situations like that, but I think I accidentally left it in a hotel (that was also having internet problems).

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