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hawkeye7: 2014-09-01T22:43:57Z Oh wow! You're still here! I was updating the Wikipedia article on Richard Hamming, and was searching for information on Hamming's Problem. If you have any idea where to find information in it (like why it is associated with hamming), please let me know.
11011110: 2014-09-01T23:00:29Z

The earliest reference I know for the attribution of the problem to Hamming is (Dijkstra 1981) — if you have anything earlier I'd be interested in seeing it.

Edited to add: this is also in Dijkstra's 1976 book A Discipline of Programming: see's%20Problem.pdf

There are earlier publications on closely related problems of algorithmically generating 5-smooth numbers but without the reference to Hamming; see for details.