I found this parachute rat in Costa Mesa today. I have no idea whether it's authentic — the lack of detail kind of suggests it isn't, but given the history of the artist in question, how meaningful is authenticity anyway?

Parachute rat graffiti

Not coincidentally, but perhaps ironically given the subject matter, almost exactly a year ago I recommended a Korean time travel movie, Young Gun In The Time, which sadly still seems very difficult to find. This year's time travel movie recommendation is for an Australian romance, The Infinite Man. Tightly plotted, quite stage-play-like in its very sparse cast and setting, darkly funny, and in some ways reminiscent of Rashomon in the way it keeps bringing in unexpectedly different viewpoints to the same repeated scenes. I enjoyed it. There's still still another chance to see it this coming Wednesday, if you're local, interested, and lacking your own time machine.