I had been running Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) on my Macs, because I wasn't convinced that later versions were much of an improvement in usability. But Apple has apparently stopped providing security updates for a version as old as mine, so this week I updated to Mavericks. So far I've encountered only minor glitches: the update lost a couple of configuration settings (the monitor arrangement for my two-screen desktop and the preferred browser on my laptop), I had to reinstall git and update python, and some very old PowerPC software that I had forgotten I even had either stopped working or became more obviously flagged as non-working.

In honor of the successful upgrade, and Apple's new naming theme, here's some big-wave action at a closer beach (about five miles as the crow flies from my house).


I'm not sure about Mavericks (I'm still on 10.8), but starting with 10.7 Apple stopped having Subversion be automatically included. This was easy to fix using Xcode (go to Preferences --> Downloads, and install "Command Line Tools"). Just a heads-up in case you didn't know this already.
Thanks — I'm guessing it's the same as for git: I type the command line, it complains that the command line tools are not installed and puts up a dialog asking me whether I want to install them, I say yes, and after that it works properly. In any case I seem to have it now. Why they don't just install these things by default is beyond me. If you want them, they should be there, and if you don't, you're unlikely to find them and get confused by them.
I have a 3 year old Macbook Air with only 4GB memory. Wondering whether upgrading would make it too slow. Chandra
Mine is also an Air from around the same time with the same memory. It doesn't seem any slower under Mavericks than it did under Snow Leopard.