Tandy Warnow asked me to publicize this:

I am writing to announce a Symposium and Workshop that will take place at the University of Texas on Feb 16 and 17, 2013.

The symposium (February 16) will feature talks on new methods for very large phylogeny and alignment estimation, including species tree estimation in the presence of gene tree incongruence, and the analysis of metagenomic data. The workshop (February 17, 2013) will provide tutorials for for some of these new methods.

Travel support will be provided for up to 50 workshop attendees; faculty, postdocs, and graduate students are all eligible. Please contact Laurie Alvarez at lauriea@austin.utexas.edu for information on how to apply. The deadline for these travel award requests is Nov 15, 2012.

For an updated list of speakers and talks, please see


Please forward this announcement to all interested parties.