This year's graph drawing symposium was located at Microsoft, and thanks to Microsoft the talks are now all online. So if you wanted to go but couldn't, you can still see what you missed.

I had to install Microsoft's flip4mac plugin to get this to work on my Mac, but other than that it worked pretty smoothly for me. I kind of wish there was some way to get access to the talk slides for each talk, though (or maybe there is and I missed it), because in my opinion the videographer spent too much time showing the speakers and not enough showing the slides, and anyway original slides would be much higher resolution than what comes through in the small video window.

ETA: Some of the sessions do have slides linked, so I guess it's just a glitch with the one I tried.



David, i see a link for slides download on the page you provided (though, i use windows). e.g. the direct link for slides of Day 1, session 3 is


The PDF window below the video? I tried that for day 1 session 2 but got some kind of "blob not found" error. Your link works, though, so maybe it's just that session.