...and not that kind of snark. I read on Peter Woit's blog that Gerard 't Hooft is doing things with cellular automata (something I find a little more interesting than Woit does) and 't Hooft himself shows up in the comments. Addressing Woit's lack of interest, he quips: "those who have seen Wolfram’s book will certainly be discouraged".

Back to those other kinds of snarks...I've been a bit distracted the last couple of weeks watching Olympics, but I have found some time to work more on the graph theory section of Wikipedia. Here are some titles; you'll have to go to the articles to find out what they're about. Mirsky's theorem, Robbins' theorem, Vizing's theorem, and Sumner's conjecture. Perfectly orderable graph, perfect graph theorem, strong perfect graph theorem, and skew partition. This is less new material than it looks, because all but the last of these topics were already partially covered by existing articles, but I felt that the coverage could be improved by splitting them off into separate topics. Somehow noticing that type of opportunity for improvement seems more difficult to me than finding topics that just aren't covered at all.



You was distracted, but we're (in Russia) were much disappointed with our Olimpic team....