For a trip to LACMA last week, I borrowed my daughter's 17-40 F4 L lens, in part to see how it compared to the 17-85 that I've been using for trips when I only want to bring one lens. Obviously, it has a narrower zoom range (and no image stabilization), and it's a little heavier, but in other respects it's far better: much less barrel distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting, and softness than the 17-85. Many of these shortcomings can be corrected in postprocessing, but with some loss of the wide angle range for the distortion (the worst of the 17-85's defects), and in my experience it's always better to get the image as good as possible in-camera before getting to the postprocessing stage.

Broad Museum entrance Robert Therrien, No Title (Blue Plastic Plates), 1999, at LACMA
Tony Smith, Smoke, 1967, at LACMA Michael Heizer, Levitated Mass, 2012, at LACMA