The kids below (except for the two younger boys in front) have all known each other since they were babies. It's difficult to believe they're already getting ready to graduate from high school and scatter to the four winds to go to college.




Yet, they very likely will keep in touch and meet again from time to time. The internet probably will help this happen. Two of our daughter's classmates married last summer at age 52, a second marriage for both; they got together from a distance of a thousand miles, my daughter attended the wedding from a distance of two thousand miles. My wife and I get news of many these former kids from time to time. One made a fortune with Microsoft and gave Reed College a building. Another of that bunch is now on our city council, home from NYC. Wait until these kids have their kids about ready to fly away. (Our grandchildren are not quite there, only a few years away.)


It seems very early now to be talking about these ones getting married, but I'm sure when it happens it will seem like it hasn't been much more time again, just like it seems so soon since they were babies. They're all really bright kids, so I expect to see good things from them in a few years.