Turns out I don't need to travel to the Alhambra to photograph girih tiles:

Girih tiles on a drinking fountain of the public restroom building, University High School, Irvine, California

I found this adorning a small public restroom building near the gym on the campus of University High School in Irvine. The flyer is advertising SAT test preparation services.


ext_655352: Spectrum
You can also check out the Irvine Spectrum, modeled after the Alhambra and copying some of the patterns you see in Granada.
11011110: Re: Spectrum
Right, I'd forgotten about that one (don't get out to the Spectrum much these days — we usually prefer the Big Newport for movie-going and I'm not a big shopper). I have the impression most malls are a bit leery of photography, though.
I think these tiles were quite common as a middle-eastern wallpaper style in the seventies.