My cell phone provider just lost a chance at selling me an upgrade today.

I was all set to exchange my several-years-old dumb cellphone for a smartphone. The smartphones they offer are Androids, which seems like a good choice to me. But it turns out that it's not possible (as a US Verizon customer) to get an Android that would also work in GSM parts of the world, despite the fact that the rest of the world has Android phones that work perfectly well both there and here. And since I have three trips to those parts planned for the next three months, that seemed kind of important to me.

The only phone Verizon does sell that is GSM-capable is the Blackberry. But switching to the Blackberry means paying smartphone rates and then getting no apps. The iPhone is also not a good choice locally: I'd need to switch service providers to one that doesn't provide good coverage here.

So I guess for the time being I will continue not to be an early adopter (or even a not-so-early adopter).


justinwsmith: T-mobile/AT&T = GSM
Perhaps a switch to T-mobile or AT&T would be best? I believe they're the two biggest GSM providers in the US. I'm with AT&T, and have not had many problem with their coverage (around the area that I live).
11011110: Re: T-mobile/AT&T = GSM
Yes, I suppose more comparison shopping makes sense, rather than letting myself just get locked into one provider. While poking around I did find this recent comparison for my local area which shows AT&T ahead of the pack of the others, at least for internet bandwidth. But the word of mouth I've heard from people on my campus who've tried them hasn't been so good. T-mobile might be an interesting alternative to look into, though.
None: Unlocked phone?
Well, I just got an unlocked Motorola Milestone which should work on any GSM network. Its about 370$. I use a prepaid sim card and plan to manage without a data-plan. Just use wifi... --S
11011110: Re: Unlocked phone?
That's what I've been doing, too. But hunting down the prepaid sim cards can sometimes be a pain, and they're not always available (I couldn't find one at an acceptable cost when I traveled to the south of France last year). Also, it would be nice not to have to get a new number every time I travel.