At one corner of the UCI campus, there's a bridge over San Diego Creek that I drive across maybe twice a week. There's also a bike path that follows the creek under the bridge. But while looking for some nearby graffiti this weekend I discovered another feature, visible neither from the road nor the bike path: someone has turned one of the concrete buttresses of the bridge into an impromptu climbing wall by cementing small stones onto it. It's a traverse rather than a climb, with a short drop onto soft dirt, so no ropes needed. I didn't think to bring climbing shoes, so I can't report how usable it is, but it seemed like a creative use for an otherwise bare wall.

I'm not convinced I captured much of interest, but I put a few photos online. The local swallows don't need handholds or footholds to climb, but the've also made their own attachments to the bridge, at the eave just under the edge of the bridge's deck; I included a shot of them, too.


Great use for a wall. :)