After I noticed that Wikipedia's page on "ECCC" mentioned three other ECCC's but didn't mention the ECCC we all know, I decided it was time to add an article on the one true ECCC, the Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity. But since I don't actually use the ECCC (well, technically, I have one paper there but I didn't put it there) I'd appreciate feedback from those who do on whether what I wrote about it is accurate.

Of course, the added difficulty is that what we say about it in Wikipedia needs to be not only accurate, but backed up by published sources. So, for instance, it's not possible to disparage the email interface as "clunky" or to say that the two-month timeout has caused many decent papers to be rejected unless one can find a better source than Lance's blog post from last July.

One thing I wondered about when writing this but didn't see in any of the sources I found: who funds ECCC? Is it run on some researcher's office machine for little or no cost, or does it cost a nontrivial amount of actual money? Does Trier pick up the cost in exchange for the publicity they get for it, does it come from DFG, or somewhere else?



The e-mail interface you talk about in this post has not been used for a year and a half when it changed to a quite reasonable web interface.

From their EATCS Bulletin article from 1996: "The project is realized by complexity people without any financial support from outside. However, we have to be thankful to the University of Trier providing all the technical facilities." At least that was the early days...