Earlier this month my family and I went rafting on the Rogue River, as I hinted in my previous post; Diana and I had done this once before, years earlier before we had kids. The trip involved four days of floating on the river, two nights camping, and one night in a lodge, through Rogue River Journeys, the sister company of the one we'd taken on the Kern the previous year.

The weather for the trip was a bit unusual: the first day started nice and sunny, but not too hot (in contrast to the previous week's 110+ degree heat) but ended with a freak thundershower. Some of the rain hit us while we were still on the river but the larger part waited until we were safely under a canopy at the campsite, so it was more exciting than annoying, and we got a great sunset complete with double rainbow. The next day was cold and grey (not the best weather for getting soaked in rapids) but fortunately it warmed up again and was sunny again by the last day.

This was billed as a family trip, so there were many other kids near in ages to ours. Most of the families were from nearby Humboldt County, in northern California, but there was also another Southern California family. Everyone had a choice of lazing away the trip on an oarboat paddled by one of the guides (Sara's choice for the whole trip), participating in the paddling on a paddle boat, or taking small one- or two-person inflatable kayaks down the rapids oneself (the most fun, but also the most effort). Mostly I stayed on the paddleboat, but I took a kayak for the morning of the last day.

Photos here. Most of them are by Diana (I didn't feel comfortable taking my more expensive camera on the water) but I borrowed her camera and took a few shots of the post-storm sunset.

Sunset on the Rogue River