I just came back from seeing Between the Folds, a beautiful feature-length documentary film on the art and science of origami, at the Newport Beach Film Festival, featuring star turns by, among others, [info]tomster0 and Erik and Marty Demaine. My kids were laughing at loud at Paul Jackson's description of three-legged elephants (part of a rant about realism in art) and my wife was nodding in recognition at Erik's description of how excited one gets when one first solves a hard problem and how likely one's initial solution is to be wrong. I guess it's still on the film festival tour, so you'll have to figure out where it's playing next or wait to see it on DVD, but I highly recommend it.

ETA 1/1/10: Now out on DVD after showing on PBS. I missed most of the showing but fortunately caught enough of the tail end to find the ordering information.