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aperiodic1: Lindley's Theorem
Greetings, I read your entry in Wikipedia regarding Lindley's Theorem while searching for something else. Nice article. There were, however, no references given, and I wonder which Lindley you are referring to since I haven't been able to find the name elsewhere. Please advise. Thank you and regards, aperiodic1
11011110: Re: Lindley's Theorem
You mean the Lindley equation article? I merely did a small housekeeping edit on it, nothing substantial. But I assume it's Dennis V. Lindley, an important early queueing theorist who is also responsible for Lindley's paradox.
aperiodic1: Re: Lindley's equation
Yes, Lindley's equation, although half the links I checked referred to it as a theorem. I knew an American lady mathematician named Lindley who lived in Mexico forty years ago or so and who told me she had done some theoretical work but I can't remember what area of mathematics it was. Anyway, it's not the same Lindley. Thanks.