A bit of a black eye for the IEEE. I suspect it's one of those conferences that's merely published by IEEE rather than actually sponsored by IEEE, but that distinction will be lost on many. Via Slashdot.

ETA: It's since been taken down by the IEEE, but I expected that to happen and saved a copy. It's a paper by Herbert Schlangemann in the 2008 Int. Conf. on Computer Science and Software Engineering, December 12-14, in Wuhan, China, titled Towards the Simulation of E-commerce. Abstract: “Recent advances in cooperative technology and classical communication are based entirely on the assumption that the Internet and active networks are not in conflict with object-oriented languages. In fact, few information theorists would disagree with the visualization of DHTs that made refining and possibly simulating 8 bit architectures a reality, which embodies the compelling principles of electrical engineering [19]. In this work we better understand how digital-to-analog converters can be applied to the development of e-commerce.”

The phrase I chose to title this posting is part of the first paragraph. There's also a footnote: “This work was supported by the automatic CS Paper Generator.” So you can try it yourself and get something that, while not identical, is equally deep and meaningful.

More information and a copy of the paper itself can be found at Schlangemann's blog.


They still make money off of it, right? I think they deserve the ridicule.