Scott Aaronson's recent blog post encouraging academics to contribute to Wikipedia has now been slashdotted. I don't expect a lot of new insight to come from the slashdot discussion, but if it encourages knowledgeable new Wikipedia contributors that can only be a good thing.


None: From UrbanDictionary
Being slashdotted means that a huge influx of Internet traffic has come upon a website as a result of its being mentioned on Slashdot, a technology news and information site.
11011110: Re: From UrbanDictionary
Thank you for your attempt to be helpful. It was almost as useful as the comment threads on slashdot.
None: Re: From UrbanDictionary
Congratulations. Now look up n00b and epic fail on urbandictionary :-)
tomster0: Re: From UrbanDictionary
OMG! I can't believe you just called (for all intents and purposes) livejournal user 11011110 a n00b! You have no clue, do you? Ha ha ha ha!
11011110: Re: From UrbanDictionary
I think he or she was calling the first anon a noob, actually.
That's unfair. Many and many times I have read interesting comments in Slashdot. You may have missed them.