61 Nobel prizewinners endorse Obama due to Republican politicization of the government's scientific advisory process, stagnant support for scientific research, and most especially due to government attempts to suppress or minimize the significance of research on global warming.

Via Kos, which also links to a story in The Guardian detailing Sarah Palin's attempts as Alaska governor to reverse the threatened-species listing of polar bears by using research from oil-company-funded climate change skeptics. Her past actions foretell the likely position of a McCain-Palin administration on the issue:

The Guardian's findings show without a doubt where Sarah Palin stands on global warming, regardless of what she has said in recent interviews.

It also presents a disturbing view of what a potential McCain-Palin administration would look like. It would simply be a continuation of the Bush administration's science policies.

The only difference is that Bush admits global warming is real.


None: Global warming hoax
If anyone on the left ever thought for themselves and did even a little bit of research you would realize that John McCain also thinks that global warming is real and has even gone so far as to say that he would include Al Gore in his plans. So, unfortunately, your use of this hoax to wreck this country will have a friend in the White House no matter which of the candidates win.
None: Re: Global warming hoax
I'll pretend for a moment that this Anonymous poster is not trying to be funny, and will feed the troll momentarily ;) Did you even bother to read David's post? In the latter half of his post, he was pointing out Palin's stance on the environment (which is global warming denialism), and linking to an article in The Guardian which believes that Palin may cause a policy shift for McCain. That Palin may change policies held by her possible future boss is not surprising, as it would be part of her job as VP. If you have substantive remarks to say with regards to the article, you may want to direct them to the original author of the article rather than attempting to attack one of many (likely thousands of) bloggers who have linked the article and learned of it via Kos. Also, your claim that David will single-handedly "wreck this country" by this post is perhaps...overstating his influence. But even if you had said 'people like him will "wreck this country"', I would claim by a trivial analysis that the country has already been "wrecked" in many ways, and it's more a question of how we will pick up the pieces rather than whether things are broken. But even there, McCain/Palin aren't even preparing themselves.