My previous post was mostly graffiti; this one is all graffiti. I do have some more photos of actual scenery coming up in the next batch, though.

Insulindeplein, also known as Berenkuil (which seems to mean "the bear pit"), is a double roundabout on one corner of the campus of the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Double, because the outer motorway roundabout surrounds a smaller bicycle roundabout (with a double ring). The bicycle roundabout is on a lower level than the cars, and lies within an enclosed oval park area connected to the outer sides of the motorways by four tunnels leading to eight ramps. The walls of the ramps leading down to the tunnels, the tunnels themselves, and the walls of the inner park are all covered with graffiti, some of it years old; apparently the municipality tolerates or even approves of graffiti art here as a way of keeping it out of other parts of town.

Anyway, while in Eindhoven I took quite a few photos of the ring and the graffiti in it; gallery here.