We spent most of this week vacationing in Santa Barbara, where I used to live from 1973 to 1978. Diana found the street names highly confusing (Cabrillo and Carillo and Castillo; Anacapa and Anapamu) but they didn't give me any trouble, I guess because I was already familiar with them. We didn't really spend a lot of time visiting old haunts, though; instead we stayed at a pleasant little motel on East Beach, walked along the beach, visited the zoo a block away, saw the mission and the botanic garden and the natural history musem and the art museum, shopped on and off State Street, and had mediocre service and good seafood at several local restaurants (favorite: Arigato Sushi, on State near Anapamu). The Fiesta was just starting, with all the confetti-egg vendors out hawking their wares, but we escaped before the full crowds of this weekend.

Photos here.



U just missed the Crypto 2008 conference at SB.


Where "just" means almost a month early, I guess. Yeah, I've never been to crypto, though the location is always reasonably convenient, I guess because my research interests haven't much overlapped with it.