There's an interesting discussion going on at the Secret Blogging Seminar about graph-theoretic terminology. It started out being about what to call a directed graph that is not acyclic, and somehow segued from there into whether the empty graph is connected.


I believe it's a continuation of an discussion from Tea at Berkeley, where a lot of mathematicians have the sort of conversation one would assume mathematicians have when stoned (though I promise most of us are on nothing stronger than tea and cookies at the time).
I assume it must happen often enough, but I don't recall ever seeing a stoned mathematician.
Hang around the town of Berkeley long enough, and you'll see someone from just about any walk of life you can think of stoned eventually.
None: Stoned mathematicians
There used to be (and maybe still is) a regular and well-attended "Green Seminar" at Berkeley, held on the Evans 10th-floor balcony. Or so I'm told.