The Quantum Pontiff asks about pseudonyms in scientific publication. Several good examples are mentioned in the comments, including Bourbaki (group publication under an individual name), Kovalevskaya and Germain (women publishing under men's names to avoid prejudice), and Student (of Student distribution fame, William Seally Gosset, an employee of the Guinness brewery who wasn't allowed by his employer to publish under his real name). Drink Guinness!

Since someone asked me what this was about at SODA and this gives me an excuse to remove the bookmark from my desktop: the perfect coffee mug. From the Girl Genius web comic, a poster (and coffee mug) in imitation of Mucha's art nouveau beer ads. Larger web graphic version here. I bookmarked it instead of just buying myself one because I mostly drink espresso and hence am not in great need of mugs. But if I did need another coffee mug, I'd want this one.

Google sketchup for dummies. Watching a couple of these videos helped me get from completely clueless to able to make primitive and clumsy models in sketchup, Google's free 3d modeling software. Much like watching a video or two on woodcraft might help me to nail a couple two-by-fours together without hammering my thumb, but it wouldn't get me to the point of building fine furniture. Maybe if I bought the book the videos accompany, I'd be able to do more than that, but I'm not yet convinced that it's the program for me. In any case the videos are free and maybe helpful to others.

And, God Plays Dice discovers my web site on Euler's polyhedral formula. A discussion on which proof to use in one's lectures ensues. Sorry, no commercial beverage or book tie-ins on this one. This space available for your ad?