As usual for the holidays, I visited my parents in Mendocino and my in-laws in Palo Alto. It's odd how sometimes the things I think about are caught up in location: I was working on one problem in Palo Alto, completely forgot about it while I was in Mendocino, and returned to it anew once I returned to Palo Alto.

Photos now online from my wife's cousin's son's birthday (colors a little wonky, probably only of interest to relatives, but they came out better than I thought they had) and New Years Eve at MacKerricher State Park. It was cold and windy; we didn't stay long, and later caught the very pretty tail end of the sunset (and some very good seafood pasta) at Sharon's in Noyo Harbor. I tried cropping some of these 2:1, even wider than the 16:9 aspect ratio that I usually crop panoramic shots; I think it works well for this subject.

Waves at MacKerricher State Park


galariawest: what a beautiful picture!!!!!!!!!
can't get over it. And I've known your journal for it's past beautiful pictures -besides all these things and graphics that seem quite interesting- but this one swallowed me. It's the ocean, ok, but is it clouds, or a rugged set of mountain strips? also how can it resemble 2 directly oposite extremes? How hilarious and freeing, thanx very much
11011110: Re: what a beautiful picture!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, glad you liked it...