Carnival of Mathematics 18, from JD2718. He seems to have made quite an effort to dig up relevant posts: as he says, "it's kind of big..."


None: Sometimes I feel a little mad
So my link is showing up on a blog named "just a bear whose intentions are good?" That means I need to point out the absolutely-irrelevant-except-for-the-name post I wrote last week: Sometimes I feel a little mad. Just had to. Jonathan/jd2718
11011110: Re: Sometimes I feel a little mad
Song lyrics? And something about union politics? Somehow I feel like I missed some context.
None: I just get confused
Live journal - I don't really get it. Your comment showed up on one of your friend's lists, and his name seems to be "Just a bear whose intentions are good." My post title was from the same song... but, he didn't post, you did. Live journal confuses me.
11011110: Re: I just get confused
It's probably due to livejournal being both a blog (if you look at the "recent entries" link for someone's account) and an aggregator (if you look at the "friends" link). So if my account is included on someone else's friend-list, and you look at that list, you'll see my posts in his or her format.