The 16th Carnival of Mathematics is now up at Learning Computation. From it we learn that secondary-school mathematics is good, research mathematics is bad, and computer science is ugly. Well, but there are significantly more research math (and vaguely computational research math) links than the previous few of these, so that's good.


None: spread the snark
i did one of those "previous few", so that's bad. are you aware that the sidebar boxes on your front page cover up parts of the left-hand side of the first few posts? (in at least one browser ... yes, the much-despised IE. sue me.) vlorbik
11011110: Re: spread the snark
Thanks. But it looks ok for me under Exploder 7, so I can't tell what might be going wrong when you view it. Is that good (because we've disproved the conjecture that it works badly on all IE installations) or bad (because I can't fix it)? I'm not sure.