My photos from Prague are (finally) online. Sadly, I never did get a good shot of the astrological clock, and the ones from the mirror maze in the Eiffel tower didn't come out. Prague was shut down the first couple days we were there for a couple of national holidays, but it didn't really affect the touristy parts of the city where we were sightseeing.It was very helpful to have local friends; I think we found quite a bit more of the city than we would have on our own.

Jewish cemetary in Prague Marionettes in Prague Lennon Wall in Prague Looped glass, Kampa Museum, Prague
Prague Castle view Hotel balcony in Prague Cimrman's Abacus, Prague

Another amusing incident happened here, that I also failed to capture on film: in the middle of the Charles Bridge one day, we ran into Subhash Suri with his wife and family (a daughter and son roughly the same age as ours). He's been on sabbatical in Zurich and came over as a tourist for the weekend...



eccemathematica: Oh!
The photographs bring back so many memories! How I love Prague! Such a funny little city--beautiful on so many different levels! Yay!
11011110: Re: Oh!
Thanks! It was my first visit, so I had no prior memories, but next time...