As we get ready to leave Vienna, I've also finished processing my photos from Slovenia. Gallery here.

Bled Island as seen from Bled Castle Graffiti and rose on Bled Island Zagoriska Cesta, Bled
Sergio Cabello at Slascicarna Smon, Bled Funicular landing windows, Ljubljana Graffiti in Ljubljana

Some additional travel notes:

  • Not in our Vienna guidebooks but worth a visit: the Globe Museum at the National Library and the Museum of Art Fakes near Hundertwasserhaus.
  • It's hard to tell without a head-to-head comparison, but Siebensternbraü's Prager Dunkles seems like a good match for Guinness. Ottakringer Dunkles, not so much, though it's ok as dark beers go.
  • We didn't make it to the Hofburg, but we did take a tour through Schönbrunn. Other tourists told us later that was the right choice.
  • Similarly, in Slovenia, we didn't make it to the more famous Postojna Cave, but we did (as part of the conference excursion) see Škocjanske Jame. Again, the right choice, I think. The first part of Škocjan is just a limestone cave like many others, but the huge underground river canyon in the second part is amazing, like something out of the Lord of the Rings.
  • We are bad tourists: we've come all the way to Vienna and not even tried to see anything related to opera or Mozart.