As we get ready to leave Vienna, I've also finished processing my photos from Slovenia. Gallery here.

Some additional travel notes:

  • Not in our Vienna guidebooks but worth a visit: the Globe Museum at the National Library and the Museum of Art Fakes near Hundertwasserhaus.
  • It's hard to tell without a head-to-head comparison, but Siebensternbraü's Prager Dunkles seems like a good match for Guinness. Ottakringer Dunkles, not so much, though it's ok as dark beers go.
  • We didn't make it to the Hofburg, but we did take a tour through Schönbrunn. Other tourists told us later that was the right choice.
  • Similarly, in Slovenia, we didn't make it to the more famous Postojna Cave, but we did (as part of the conference excursion) see Škocjanske Jame. Again, the right choice, I think. The first part of Škocjan is just a limestone cave like many others, but the huge underground river canyon in the second part is amazing, like something out of the Lord of the Rings.
  • We are bad tourists: we've come all the way to Vienna and not even tried to see anything related to opera or Mozart.