These four papers have all been published in journals within the past few months; I just now updated my online pub list and the arxiv metadata for them to match.

Minimum dilation stars (in CGTA, with Kevin Wortman)

Confluent layered drawing (in Algorithmica, with Mike Goodrich and Jeremy Meng)

Deterministic sampling and range counting in geometric data streams (in ACM Trans. Alg., with Bagchi, Chaudhary, and Goodrich)

The traveling salesman problem for cubic graphs (in JGAA)

To keep this from being totally content-free, here's an unsolved graph theory problem from the last paper (I thought I'd posted this before, but now I can't find it, so...):

In that paper, there are matching 2n/2 upper and lower bounds on the number of Hamiltonian cycles in 3-regular multigraphs (the lower bound is formed by a cycle that alternates between single and double bonds). But for simple cubic graphs, the best bounds I have are a 23n/8 upper bound, and a 2n/3 lower bound. I conjecture that the 2n/3 lower bound is tight. Can a matching upper bound be proven?