Ho hum, another strange arxiv paper purporting to show a connection between P=NP and the Riemann hypothesis. Except that it's the Riemann hypothesis for finite fields (that is, the solved Riemann hypothesis, not the one that's still open) and maybe more importantly it's by Ketan Mulmuley rather than some unknown crank.

Anyone have more knowledge or insight about what this means?



A SIGACT News article sometime ago attempted a "layman's" explanation of the Mulmuley-Sohoni work (I think titled Geometric Complexity I) in SICOMP. I couldn't even understand the SIGACT article.

I was talking to someone who spent an entire semester running a seminar whose goal was to understand this paper. I don't think they finished it.

So I have no real hopes of penetrating the new paper either ;). Although it is one of my life goals to attempt to understand at least the direction that they are trying to pursue.

-- Suresh


There's Kenneth W. Regan's "Understanding the Mulmuley-Sohoni Approach to P vs. NP" from the BEATCS.


Thanks for the link! Maybe this is the same as the one Suresh mentions? It wouldn't be surprising for something to be in both BEATCS and SIGACT News.